Roofing Installation & Repair in Bloomingdale


Your roof is one of the most essential parts of your home. It protects you from the elements and helps to keep your home energy-efficient. But if your roof is old or damaged, it may be time for a new one. Keep reading if you’re looking for roofing installation and repair in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

Here are some signs you may need a new roof installed:

  • Your roof is more than 20 years old.
  • Your roof has missing or damaged shingles.
  • You see water stains or mold on your ceiling.
  • Your roof leaks when it rains.
  • Your attic is hot in the summer or cold in the winter.

If you see any of these signs, having your roof inspected by a professional roofer is a good idea. The roofing professionals at Clem Davis can help you determine if your roof needs to be replaced and recommend the best type of roof for your home.

How to Find a Good Roofer in Bloomingdale, Illinois

Once you’ve decided you need a new roof, the next step is finding a good roofer. Here are a few tips for finding a reputable roofer:

  • Get recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors.
  • Ask for bids from several different roofers.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the roofer.
  • Make sure the roofer is licensed and insured.
  • Do your research – we generally don’t recommend going with the first roofing company that knocks on your door after a big storm. Frequently, these companies are from different states and are just chasing insurance payouts. Choose a company you feel cares about your home and will ensure you have a roof that lasts for years.

Clem Davis Company has been serving Bloomingdale and surrounding areas since 1965. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. We know this community and have always been committed to doing quality work.

What to Expect When Getting a New Roof

Once you’ve found a good roofer, they will come to your home to inspect your roof and give you an estimate. The estimate should include the materials, labor, and permits cost.

The roofer will also need to know the size of your roof and the type of roofing material you want. For instance, maybe you want a shingle roof, roof tiles, or red cedar shake roof. If you’re unsure what kind of roofing material you want, the roofer can help you decide.

The installation process will usually take a few days. The roofer will need to remove the old roof and install the new one. They will also need to clean up the mess and dispose of the old roof.

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If you need a new roofing installation & repair in Bloomingdale, Illinois, contact Clem Davis Company. We’re a family-owned and operated roofing company with over 50 years of experience. We’ll help you find the right roof for your home and install it at a fair price.

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