Roof Repair in Downers Grove, IL

Keeping your roofing in good condition expands its life and lowers your overall costs. However, sometimes it will become damaged no matter what you do. That's where Clem Davis Company Inc. comes in. We provide roof repair in Downers Grove, IL. Our team will efficiently fix your roof so that you don't have to worry, and if the damage is too extensive or the roof too old, we also provide roof construction services.

When Do You Need Repairs?

Many roof issues come with signs that you can see. For example, if you have a tree growing too close to your home, its branches may damage your shingles. Likewise, a wet spot on your ceiling may indicate that moisture has leaked through your roof and needs to be repaired. If you ever suspect an issue with your roofing, be sure to let us know so that we can repair it sooner rather than later.

Here in Downers Grove, IL, we get a lot of snow, and our team can repair issues that come from snowfall and freezing temperatures like gaps in the flashing. We also often repair roof leaks from age and other problems. We also can repair issues resulting from pooling water. Water should slide off of your roof, so if you notice pooling, that is a problem that we can fix.

When Do You Need a New Roof?

Roofs aren't meant to last forever. Many of them last around 20 years, so if yours needs a lot of repairs and is getting close to that age, then consider asking us about roof construction instead. This process only takes us a few days and will save you a lot of time and energy. Plus, your new roof will look beautiful and make your whole property look better than it did before.

Whether you need roof repairs or roof construction, contact Clem Davis Company Inc. at (630) 325-5339 to request a quote.

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